About ThirdWay Solutions

ThirdWay Solutions challenges binary, polarized ideas, and forges new pathways with leaders in pursuit of equity and justice.

We support game-changing leaders and their teams at critical moments when the stakes are high.

ThirdWay Solutions’ team members, projects, and goals are always laser-focused on equity – and they have been since our founding in 2017. Our core team and extensive network of independent contributors have a proven track record of commitment to anti-biased, anti-racist (ABAR) work. We are known for delivering results in diverse sectors: from K-12 and youth services, to marketing, organizational culture and workforce development.

We blow wind at the sails of equity-minded leaders who are pursuing bold ideas related to equity, justice, and education.
We ensure the next generation of leaders represents the diversity of our country and achieves peak performance.
We work to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline and create learning environments where students can succeed.
We catalyze systems change to support young people connected to the juvenile justice system.
We build innovative and unlikely cross-sector, cross-agency, and cross-organizational coalitions to achieve clients' goals.

Our B.O.L.L.D core values drive how our team operates and how we support our clients and partners.