The “ThirdWay”: Leaders face tough decisions every day. Organizations fall into patterns, even if they don’t seem to be working. How many times have you been called to a meeting to discuss a challenge for the tenth time only to notice the same people lining up on opposite sides of an issue, debating two solutions as if they are binary? The breakthrough often comes when someone is able to identify a “third way” — a clever blending of approaches or a completely new idea that’s never been tried. ThirdWay Solutions supports policy, government, non-profit, corporate, and philanthropic leaders in pursuit of equity and justice to find innovative solutions to their most vexing challenges. ThirdWay Solutions helps clients change how they approach planning, people, practices and policies.


ThirdWay is part of a movement to ensure power tables – and all levels of organizations – reflect the gifts and talents inherent in America’s racial, gender, and other diversity.


ThirdWay supports policy, government, non-profit, corporations and philanthropies dedicated to equity and justice to overcome their most intractable challenges.

ThirdWay Values

We believe that in order to find third way solutions, organizations have to be B.O.L.L.D.

We believe in being B.O.L.L.D.

  • (B)e the change: We believe change starts from within. Leaders should be willing to question everything, including their own biases, tendencies and past decisions
  • (O)perate with integrity: We believe leaders should align values with actions, even when it is uncomfortable. Achieving equity means confronting uncomfortable truths about racism, sexism, and other isms.
  • (L)isten and learn:. We believe people and organizations only grow if they listen to feedback and act on it.
  • (L) Laugh and connect: We think work should be fun and joyful.  We build relationships based on trust and personal connection.
  • (D)o: We believe in getting things done. We help organizations set bold goals, create a roadmap to attain them, and remove barriers to action.


ThirdWay convenes and manages teams of external experts as needed for projects. ThirdWay also partners with other organizations and teams of employees internal to client organizations to meet goals. This approach to staffing keeps overhead costs low and maximizes the chance that changes stick after the involvement of ThirdWay. Our team (in alphabetical order) includes:

Cami Anderson

Managing Partner, Government, Non-profits, and School Systems

Cami Anderson is a five-time chief executive of high-profile organizations who has spent more than 20 years relentlessly cutting through outdated systems and brass-knuckle politics to push change.

She served as Superintendent of schools for nearly 10 years, first in New York City and then in Newark, where she received national attention for improving student outcomes and pushing innovation.  She co-founded ROADS, a network of charter high schools and advocates dedicated to court-involved youth. Anderson is the former Executive Director of Teach For America New York, Chief Program Officer of New Leaders for New Schools and Policy and Issues Director for Cory Booker. Cami leads and founded ThirdWay Solutions, an organization dedicated to finding innovative, twenty-first century solutions to the most vexing problems facing government, non-profit, corporate, and philanthropic organizations in pursuit of equity.  One of ThirdWay’s most notable initiatives is The Discipline Revolution Project — a coalition of education leaders and advocates working to move past theoretical arguments on school discipline to find practical solutions that will end the school-to-prison pipeline once and for all.

Cami is widely published from the Wall Street Journal to Education Week, is an Aspen Fellow, won the Peter Jennings Award for Civic Leadership, received a national Points of Light award for service and was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential people.  She’s a contributor for Forbes where she writes a column, In The Room about women who have broken ceilings and defied stereotypes to deliver big results.  She is the sister to eleven, a volunteer soccer coach, a Title IX advocate, a theatre geek, an amateur triathlete, and a TedEx speaker.  She, her partner, and her son love board games and road trips.

April Dinwoodie

Managing Partner, Corporate Services and New Initiatives

April Dinwoodie is an accomplished corporate marketing and branding professional turned nationally-recognized thought leader on adoption and foster care.  From creating a mentoring program for youth in foster care to becoming the CEO of the Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI), April is fiercely dedicated to creating connections, insisting on a more transparent conversation about healthy identity development as well as recognizing the power of more integration of systems that support children and families. During her tenure at DAI, April launched “Let’s Adopt Reform”; an initiative to spark a national conversation about adoption and foster care that included a Town Hall Tour, a large-scale public opinion survey and a comprehensive professional qualitative report. For over fifteen years her specialized mentoring program; Adoptment has been creating lifelong bonds with adopted adults and young people in foster care. April has multifaceted skillsets making it second nature for her to engage audiences, connect to consumers and better any environment. April’s corporate experiences working with high profile companies, including Nine West Group Inc., Kenneth Cole Productions Inc., J.C. Penney Company Inc., and JetBlue have shaped her into a branding, marketing and communications powerhouse. She has brought to life large-scale activations, including the 84 th Annual Academy Awards fan experience, a “Joining Forces” event for teens with Michelle Obama and The Ellen Show, as well as the launch of JetBlue’s A321 Aircraft. You can learn more about April’s work at

Billy Kearney


Billy is an expert educator and change agent in schools.  He brings 20 years’ experience to the ThirdWay team, providing executive coaching to principals and their leadership teams in districts throughout Louisiana, Memphis and Los Angeles. He has been the Founding Executive Director at both Teach for America, Atlanta and New Leaders for New Schools, Memphis.  For more than 10 years, he held leadership positions in the DC Public School System, including School Principal of the Charles Hart Middle School, Director of School Leadership on the Chancellor’s Transition Team, and Deputy Chief of Innovation. Billy brings a commitment to race and equity and his abilities as an effective listener and talent developer to his work with developing the skill and will of adults working with children.

Ruben Roberts


Ruben served as the Executive Director of Community Affairs and Engagement at Newark Public Schools and launched the district’s first Family Support Center.  His strong belief in stakeholder engagement and partnership development enabled him to collaborate with elected officials and philanthropic partners.  Prior to his work in Newark, Ruben served as a director for several nonprofits, serving as a site based coordinator for organizations connecting families to schools. During the small-schools movement in New York City, Ruben supported 10 design teams from concept to launch. Ruben continues to add value to conversations while bridging the gap between families and the organizations that impact them.


Kavita Singh


Kavita Singh Gilchrist is a connector and an organizer with 18 years of experience leading teams, designing programs, delivering technology access and training initiatives and facilitating diversity and inclusion efforts. She has served as Program Director at New Visions for Public Schools in New York City, the Marcus Foster Institute in Oakland and at the NYC Department of Education; as Executive Director of two organizations – the Community Technology Centers’ Network (DC) and Computers for Youth (NY). 


Kavita has a B.S. from Drexel University and an M.Ed. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is an active volunteer and works to build more inclusive communities through diverse books. She lives in Harlem, New York with her family.

Jared Robinson


Jared Robinson is an expert in corporate culture and teambuilding. He is a professionally trained improv performer, actor and Division I athlete turned social entrepreneur, event producer, facilitator, and coach. Jared brings insight into organizational and interpersonal dynamics, coaching adults to work across differences – of opinions, race, class and other identities – and to respond to change.  Jared’s professional experiences, facilitating learning for diverse teams from Fortune 500 companies to homeless shelters, has given him unique insight into how to improve the productivity of teams.

Insightful, patient, nuanced and motivating, Jared inspires trust and actively creates safe spaces for adults to engage in difficult conversations, learn new skills, and build cohesive teams. He has lived all over the country – from Akron, Ohio to Harlem, New York. A proud father, he and his partner now reside in Santa Monica, California.