Make an Appointment

Make An Appointment — Bold Women Leading Solutions to Public Problems

We must recruit, appoint, and retain bold, inclusive, and values-driven women to lead public sector agencies so that we are 50% by 2026.  

Cami Anderson, THirdWay Solutions


We face unprecedented challenges in healthcare, environment, education, economy, and democracy. These problems require investing trillions of public dollars which makes public sector leadership more important than ever.  Experience shows us diverse female leaders are more likely to be bold and bring people together – yet 70% of our appointed public leaders are men.

To overcome the patterns that got us here, we need new solutions and broad public engagement, which means we need more diverse female leaders in senior government leadership. To break through the male dominated appointment process we need support for ready-to-lead women, public accountability to hire them, more urgency to represent women and eliminate bias, and to give women the air cover they need to sustain and succeed. Make an Appointment — is a new organization dedicated to recruiting, appointing, and retaining women to lead public sector agencies

We must harness the power of women to envision new solutions and engage the energy of our diverse communities. Make An Appointment isn’t just about giving more women power for power’s sake. And it is not about just having more women at tables. It is about getting a different kind of leader — leaders focused on inclusion, bold results, and leading with values — driving direly-needed new solutions to critical public problems.

More About Why

State governments spend 1.6 trillion dollars a year, city governments 1.4 trillion, and the feds just earmarked over 4 trillion dollars of spending. The public sector employs over 20 million people and is nearly 15% of all of national jobs. The next president will appoint 4000 people. At the state and local level, power brokers will appoint scores of game changing bosses like Superintendents of Schools, Police Chiefs, Commissioners of Public Health, Heads of Economic Development, Transportation Chiefs, Chief Financial Officers, Deputy Mayors, Chiefs of Staff and more.

Women are 57% of the public sector workforce and comprise only 30% of senior leadership roles. Getting appointed to the front office is a biased, mysterious process and often hinges on a “who you know” boys club. When women do get the job, they are vilified for disrupting the status quo to deliver audacious goals — the characteristic most necessary to succeeding and lauded in their male counterparts.

While several organizations are dedicated to increasing gender and racial equity at power tables in STEM, corporate America, and elected office — all important — none are focused on making sure women are empowered to solve our biggest public problems.

More About How

Make An Appointment will

  • Recruit: identify bold, inclusive, values-based women who are ready-to-lead and help them build the network and skills to manage their public brand, topple barriers, and get the job (research shows women take big roles when people ask them to),
  • Appoint: with a sense of urgency we’ll launch campaigns at selected city, state, and federal agencies to get more women to the top (currently, there are no coordinated efforts to influence the hiring market and hold power-brokers accountable for progress), and
  • Retain: we’ll provide a sisterhood of support and well-coordinated “we have your back” media campaigns to give women the air cover and breathing room to stay and realize big goals (when women lead in public-facing roles they are scrutinized by the media and the public based on double standards and gender stereotypes that make it incredibly difficult to lead).

More About Who

Our founding team — the core staff, the partners, and the planning team — represents the diversity and therefore strength of our country.

Everyone involved in Make An Appointment has been dedicated to actively practicing, learning about, and exemplifying the characteristics of an anti-based, anti-racist (ABAR) leader throughout their career.

ThirdWay Solutions (lead partner) is nationally known for helping clients — leaders at the highest levels of corporate America, government, non-profits, school systems, and philanthropists — build, sustain, and measure the extent to which they are creating ABAR cultures, enabling ABAR leaders, and building ABAR programming.

ThirdWay Solutions

Co-lead by Cami Anderson and April Dinwoodie. Cami has decades of experience as a Chief in the public sector and coaches scores of senior leaders pushing equity and change in government; she also has a track record of results helping organizations scale to become household names.

April Dinwoodie has decades of experience in marketing, media, public relations, and out-of-the box social media campaigns; she led a prominent Child Welfare Research Institute, one of a few women of color who is also an adopted person to do so.

Not only do they have the experience and skill to build Make An Appointment — but also the passion. They both feel they’d have gotten more done and stayed longer in their public roles if they belonged to Make An Appointment.

The How Institute for Society

Builds best-in-class tools and nurtures a culture of moral leadership, principled decision-making, and values-based behavior that enable individuals and institutions to meet the profound social, economic and technological changes of the 21st Century to elevate humanity.

How’s Amy Rosen (planning team members) is a results-driven leader who has extensive experience managing organizations through transformational change. Amy spent nearly two decades in the transportation sector, serving on the board of New Jersey Transit and Board Chair of Amtrak. She served as a presidential appointee for three U.S. Presidents and served as an adviser to several global business leaders. Amy is a pioneer in values-based leadership and coaching: making core values explicit and managing actions and decisions in tight alignment with those values.

SO’B Productions

A multi-platform media production and distribution company dedicated to uncovering stories on race, class, wealth, poverty, and opportunity through personal narratives. Soledad O’Brien is an award-winning journalist, documentarian, news anchor, and producer. Soledad has spent her career championing the stories of marginalized communities, and has been the recipient of three Emmy awards, the George Foster Peabody Award, and the Alfred I. DuPont Award for her reporting work.