Discipline Revolution Project Sample Clients

Facilitated community of practice for principals of highest performing schools across the state.
Worked across systems to address de-criminalizing the way communities in Phoenix think about student behavior
Developed strategy to embrace DEI values while growing their footprint in diverse – geographic and ideologic – markets
Advise on data-driven strategies for communities and cities to set and track key equity metrics across agencies
Convened a learning work session with key district and charter leaders and members of the Broad community to address over-policing of Black students
Provided coaching and facilitation for education superintendents and state commissioners across the country; envisioned ‘leading while female’ initiative
Helped revise giving strategy with an equity lens
Provided evaluation of New Dawn Charter High School’s academic performance to determine the effectiveness and quality of its program
Provided district-wide strategy to improve the academic outcomes of 16 – 22-year-olds who are off-track, including recommended shifts in policy and practice related to enrollment, accountability, discipline, instruction, socio-emotional support, current and future portfolio offerings, and staff capacity.
Helped create Let’s Adopt Reform! Initiative — a national policy and advocacy agenda to radically improve adoption and improve outcomes for kids in school
Following a pilot program with the Louisiana Department of Education, EBR engaged DRP to work with the Executive Director of Alternative High Schools to reimagine their alternative schools
Worked with leadership to develop training modules using research, case studies, and data to make the case for school-based and system-wide reform.
Supported six Superintendents and their c-suite to devise multi-year plans to replace harsh, biased discipline systems with ones that keep kids safe, and avoid shame and exclusion
TWS envisioned and facilitated a 10-month, virtual community of practice with seven school systems (six traditional and YES Prep)
Developed training module for Equity Bootcamp in Harris County, Texas
Supported team to define core values and align practices to values; provide executive coaching to key leaders on the senior team
recognized students with disabilities were being segregated from their peers and suffering from poor academic outcomes. Further, the district had been embroiled in a 30-year consent decree related to special education. The TWS team envisioned an entirely new approach to special education and a multi-year plan to get there
Provided training to leadership of district and select schools in an equity audit of their systems aimed to articulate necessary changes – in policies, practices and mindsets – across the district
Tapped TWS’ Discipline Revolution Project to pilot a radically different approach to the Alternative Education Pilot Program. The TWS team worked with the state to shift policies and incentives, and with two parishes to put in place on-the-ground pilots
Provided coaching and strategic advising on leadership framework with an equity lens
Supported work on the charter application, including support with K-12 curriculum and development of accountability structure
Envisioned and facilitated a four part series for all principals and their leadership teams on the intersection of rigor and relationships
Created a framework for better serving over-aged, under-credited students and disconnected youth in Washington, D.C.
Supported CEO and VP of Education Partnerships to rethink how they engage systems leaders to use their content
Led a community of practice for school leaders, funders and advocates in Memphis. TWS created workshops to create a common understanding and align efforts to implement and support discipline reform, restorative practices, and preventative measures schools and the greater community
Supported senior team of Summit Public Schools to review equity work across central office and schools.
Provided leadership and content expertise, facilitated a series of working group webinars and participated in launch of state-wide pilot on expanding the definition of charter success
Working with the district leadership, DRP helped develop and implement a multi-year plan to be a district, organization and community that exemplifies critical consciousness, equity, and inclusion.
Coach senior team to support anti-poverty initiative in the central valley of California