Five Phases of Work

While each engagement is different, typically there are four or five phases of the work.

Phase One – Context and relationship-building

Create conditions for success, build teams, finalize year-long calendar​.

  • Interviews, document review, context​
  • Launch work teams
  • Solidify goals, approach, calendar

Phase Two – Norming

Norm frameworks and tools, ensure common understanding of goals.

  • In-person and online training
  • Case studies, readings, discussion​
  • “Micro content” — just-right information

Phase Three – Self-assessment and emerging plan

Provide technical assistance, facilitate self-assessment, and start emerging action plan

  • Some remote, some in person​
  • Team images in self-assessment, with triangulation
  • TWS team supports process of shared assessment of assets and need for change

Phase Four – Implementation Planning 

Complete action plan and solidify a collective action team​

  • Invest stakeholders​
  • Sequence the work​
  • Ensure clear ownership with right skill and will

Phase Five – Implementation Support 

Identify areas of action plan where TWS can kickstart the work​.