Issues We Believe In

Our team, our tools, and our array of experiences as changemakers make us different.

At ThirdWay, we partner with organizations across sectors to co-create anti-biased, anti-racist (ABAR) systems and practices.

Since launching ThirdWay Solutions, we have worked with over 100 leaders and their teams from all over the country.

In our work in the education sector, we have supported 30 districts across 6 states and impacted approximately 2,000 schools. We’ve also provided services to dozens of clients in other sectors: including nonprofits, philanthropies, advocacy organizations, and corporations across the country.

We are not traditional consultants. We are catalysts, elbow partners, and capacity-builders. We're focused on getting tangible, audacious results with every organization we support.

"We are generalists who like to solve all sorts of complex problems, but we are particularly focused on solving some of our country’s most intractable challenges."

We make an impact where the potential for change, and the need for change, is greatest. Our most focused work centers on:

  • Ensuring the next generation of leaders represents the diversity of our country in terms of race, gender, and other marginalized identities; 
  • Dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline;
  • Catalyzing systems change to support youth involved in the justice system;
  • Building unlikely, cross-sector coalitions;
  • And, blowing wind at the sails of any and all startups pursuing bold ideas around equity and justice.