Operation ABAR

Envisioning and defining, in concrete and actionable ways, what it means to be an anti-biased, anti-racist (ABAR) organization, and enacting the hard changes, from people to policies and strategy, to make concrete progress.

ThirdWay was founded with clear ABAR vision and values — and is staffed with a team who has been doing ABAR work throughout their careers across sectors. Companies are under tremendous pressure to ensure their organization is embracing ABAR values internally and throughout their organization, giving way to tremendous opportunity and emotional challenges.


Our process can be looked at in four phases. During the first phase, we seek to understand the needs of the organization – building context, planning a scope of work and gaining further insight from key stakeholders. Once we have formed an organizational working team and established an agreed upon approach to norming sessions, we begin our norming your team to key definitions (e.g., anti-racism, critical consciousness) and identify challenges and opportunities in your organization. During the third phase of our work, we engage in a qualitative organizational assessment, using our P-Framework to determine what the organization needs to stop, what it needs to start and what it needs to sustain. With the organizational work team, we develop an implementation plan, including pacing out what can be done in the short-term versus the medium- or long-term.