Special Projects


A CEO, board member, or senior advisor of a for-profit, nonprofit, government or philanthropic organization engages TWS to help make progress on projects and coaching that requires the expertise of individuals who have run ABAR organizations and navigated tough ABAR waters.

“The TWS team manage to tell the hard truth in a way we can hear them…the deep stuff and the technical stuff. They are like organizational therapists — the best kind.”

CEO of for-profit company


ThirdWay was founded with clear ABAR vision and values — and is staffed with a team who has been doing ABAR work throughout their careers across sectors. Companies are under tremendous pressure, rightfully so, to ensure their organization is embracing ABAR values internally and throughout their organization, giving way to tremendous opportunity and emotional challenges.


TWS supports organizations to define their ABAR vision and operating principles, and pull them through all core elements of their work. Sample clients include:

  • Over the course of 2 years, ThirdWay Solutions has worked with the executive team and other stakeholders of several organizations to (a) identify ABAR core values as operating principles, and (b) coach executive teams to strategize and manage against their core values.
  • TWS is working with a national developer and provider of curriculum to cultivate content that provides educators with high quality (HQ), developmentally appropriate (DA), culturally competent (CC), equity-minded (EM) and educator-supportive (ES) products.