American Enterprise Institute: More is Not More, More is Madness

Anderson: More is Not More, More is Madness.

American Enterprise Institute: Cami Anderson on Newark and the challenges, successes, and lessons of school reform

Since taking office as the superintendent of Newark Public Schools in 2011, Cami Anderson has become a prominent figure in urban K–12 school reform. Having inherited a system with a roughly 50 percent graduation rate and a looming budget shortfall, Anderson has faced an array of challenges in her efforts to promote excellence and equity in Newark schools.

Aspen Institute: The Future of US Education

Featuring John Deasy, Cami Anderson, Lillian Lowery with moderator Jean-Claude Brizard at the Aspen Leaders Action Forum.

Cami with Joel Klein

The Education System Needs to Learn About Advancement | Joel Klein | Google Zeitgeist.

Cami Anderson at TED

Cami Anderson at TEDxEast: Basement, Barriers and Beliefs, March 7, 2014