Discipline Revolution Project

From a civil rights perspective, the statistics on school discipline are sobering: African American boys are suspended at four times the rate as their white peers (often for the same infractions), 75% of school-based arrests involve students of color; if you are a student of color with a disability, it is a virtual certainty you will experience punitive discipline.  Being suspended is highly correlated with failing in school, dropping out, and a lifetime of court-involvement. These negative outcomes disproportionally impact students of color and students with disabilities.

Despite the pressing need to tackle these inequities, school systems (traditional and charter) have surprisingly few options for reforming their approach to student discipline.  Worse, school leaders are often blind to their own role in perpetuating a destructive cycle: punitive discipline in school can often lead to arrests and, over time, a lifetime of incarceration.

ThirdWay recently received funding to convene leaders in the charter, district, juvenile justice, and human capital space to discuss how to stop the school-to-prison pipeline.  The initial convening took place at the New School Venture Fund summit in the Spring of 2017.  Participants left informed, inspired, and armed with practical and bold ideas to do more within and across organizations. ThirdWay will continue to work with individuals and organizations to provide thought leadership, coaching, and learning sessions on shifting away from punitive discipline.

See it at: DisciplineRevolutionProject.org